About Us


In a rapidly changing world, we are your link to the technological development helping you monitor and control your space whether it’s a single room, home, business entity or enormous hospitality institution.
Dedicated to deliver you the desired result of a hard equation of applying low power consumption, safe security and luxurious vibe. All through advanced smart automotive systems and solutions.
To achieve the most satisfying experience, We provide you with an enormous variety of factors to manage your lifestyle in terms of lighting, climate, security, entertainment systems, and appliances.
In Masterpiece, Practicality meets Elegance offering high end international brands including but not limited to Taga Harmony.


Our Vision: Make lives technologically smarter and easier for people to control using innovative solutions.
Our Mission: Changing tech fantasies to reality through smart,practical, power saving and green automation solutions.

Our Competitive Values

Customization - Your Control Room

Personalized to the way you live, customizing your automation needs based on the space you have and the desirable design fits your lifestyle.

Efficiency & Durability - Lives With You

For each penny you pay, you gain irreplaceable value extended over the years, all material used and functioned are highly reliable with multiple system backups and extended durability. 

Scalable - Fits Your Scale

Each project is designed to fit your scale whether expanding or downsizing, you’ll get it covered in the smartest way possible.

Our Story:

You Ticket to the Futurer!

Wondering what is our fuel behind success?? Only one word “Future”.
When we’re asked : “would you rather go back in time or visit the future?! We always book our ticket to the future experiencing the innovation of tomorrow and the development of the technologies.
We believe that developing lifestyles to cope up with the speedy changing nature of the world is your way to experience the ease you deserve and live the future in your present.

From here, we decided to complete the puzzle with its masterpiece; Introducing Masterpiece Solutions to help people control and manage their lives in a highly smart way without compromising practicality and efficiency.

We invite you to join our journey to an advanced tomorrow through providing you with automotive solutions to control your lighting, climate, security and entertainment systems; both at your home and workplace.