Elegant Control We allow technology to be integrated and controlled in such a way that’s truly elegant and a natural fit for the ambiance of such a grand comfort zone of yours.

Smart Home Solutions

Taga Harmony
To Achieve Glories Acoustics
TAGA HARMONY committed to install extraordinary speakers drivers
in terms of sound performance.
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Need Public Address Audio System
for Your Business?
We easily customize to meet the demanding needs of your public address
system design, performance specifications, and budget.
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Who we are?

In a rapidly changing world, we are your link to the technological development helping you monitor and control your space whether it’s a single room, home, business entity or enormous hospitality institution.
Dedicated to deliver you the desired result of a hard equation of applying low power consumption, safe security and luxurious vibe. All through advanced smart automotive systems and solutions.
To achieve the most satisfying experience, We provide you with an enormous variety of factors to manage your lifestyle including security, entertainment, lighting and temperature systems.




Masterpiece Triple Constraints

We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality standards you deserve through a wide range of services supported by vital factors to save time, energy and money.


Switch on your luxury! 

With Masterpiece you are in control of your space, we are dedicated to keep you entertained, secured and comfortable through smart technological solutions including a variety of controlling systems for Security, lighting, HVAC and Entertainment.

Power Saving

Adopting automotive smart solutions for your properties encourages low power consumption and saves energy by time. Masterpiece focuses on the right methodology and brings effective materials to assure the distribution of energy and the security of installation.


The only key you need is your peace of mind, digitize your home security systems with smart automotive solutions including smart CCTVs, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart lights, and smart smoke alarms, you’re always relieved from any threats.


To get you what you want, we make sure to know exactly how you want it and that’s why this step is vital. We in Masterpiece care to deliver a result that satisfy you and ease your lifestyle through studying your likes, dislikes, needs & style in every aspect possible to have a full understanding before getting into the execution stage.
Engineering and Coordination
After we have a full knowledge of your desires, our team of professional engineers and workers start to bring your dream into reality by applying a very accurate project management & Coordination strategy putting in consideration the methodology and duration behind the needed system.Then, our teams work hand in hand to refine, spec and finalize estimates for system installation.
Installation and Handover
This is the phase where the magic happens, our installation team accurately implement the project based on the agreement in the Proposal Phase. We ensure that systems & components are designed, installed, tested & operated according to quality standards and with the functionality defined earlier.

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home. We can also help you find an Ingenious partner in your area.

    MasterpieceSmart Switch

    Switch to the future with integration of all light current systems to fit your needs and improvise the quality of your system experience.