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Who we are?

In a rapidly changing world, we are your link to the technological development, helping you monitor and control your space whether it’s a single room, home, business entity or enormous hospitality institution.

Masterpiece Main Services

OurĀ Commitments

Services are mix and match friendly to add value to your own space.

We guarantee you an exact fit, specially tailored system to your needs.

Quality is always a priority.

You Want to Expand? We got you covered! Want to downsize? Easy task!

Start with whatever scale you prefer. Change to another level whenever you want.

We are always here to help!

All components used are highly reliable, with multiple system backups and extended durability

Live with confidence. Masterpiece utilizes the best effective and durable systems.

Cost vs Value is always in our minds.

Your Benifits

To make life much easier and turn tech fantasies into reality that exceed your expectation.

Your imagination is our limitation. We introduce to you an exceptional and phenomenal life style.

Technology doesn’t have to be ugly.

Enjoy the luxury of your business schedule breaks and free time, alone or with your beloved one.

Have your own Home Cinema Room that would bring all the immersive experience. It is time to have a break and relax, your office is equipped with the latest Audio Visual and conference technologies, you will never be disconnected.

Adjust your whole surrounding exactly as you prefer. No need to spend unnecessarily

Improve your work environment. Let’s help you run your business in the comfort of your office in complete harmony and ease. We can guarantee you all of this while saving your energy bells.

Make Smart Home Project

Masterpiece Integrated Systems is here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Environment. Drop us an email, or just call +20 1212 424 424